Termite Protection Gold Coast.

Complete Termite Solutions are the leaders in termite protection, rated No. 1 on the Gold Coast.

There are 2 options when it comes to termite protection; the Baiting and Monitoring System and a Chemical Barrier.

Both barriers can be effective in some homes but for other homes a baiting and monitoring system will ensure complete barrier protection from termites where a chemical barrier won’t. This is due to some key factors like the design of your home and the lay of the land.

Chemical Barrier

A Chemical barrier must be installed along the external wall of your home or commercial premises to be effective. To do this we drill holes into concrete areas and inject the chemical, for garden beds/soil/grass areas we dig a trench and chemically treat the soil underneath.

In some areas around your home we also have the option to install a reticulation pipe for the ease of future chemical impregnation. A reticulation pipe is similar to a garden hose but made out of a more durable material. It is installed in your trenched areas and has entry points that sit just above the ground for us to inject the chemical into when you’re barrier needs topping up.

How the Chemical Barrier Works to Protect Your Home From Termites

Depending on what’s around your home ie a concrete pathway, pavers, gardens, grass, tiles etc, our technicians will need to complete the following steps to allow a full uninterrupted chemical barrier;

  • Remove and replace any pavers to the exterior
  • Drill at 150mm or 400mm centre’s to concrete areas
  • Supply and install a reticulation pipe
  • Excavate and replace all soil around the dwellings footing
  • Remove and replace any obstructions to the perimeter of the dwelling

As part of an installation, we may also recommend placing strategic stations to garden areas to maximise colony elimination in these areas. Baiting and monitoring stations can be a great way of complementing a chemical barrier. We may also treat active termites in your garden or surrounding area directly with chemical, out expert technicians will advise you on site of the most effect solutions.

Any active termites inside your home will be treated as a priority before any chemical barrier is installed.

The active ingredient in the chemical we use is Fiprinol, which is a non-repellant. With its unique transfer effect the termites take it back down to the nest to gain colony elimination ensuring your biggest investment has the best cover possible.

Ask our technicians about Termidor with its $2million warranty it’s worth the investment!


Baiting and monitoring system

A cleaner, greener, pet friendly option is the baiting and monitoring system which less toxic than table salt and safe for all the family.  The baiting and monitoring system comprises of individual stations positioned a maximum of 3 meters apart around the perimeter of the dwelling, our technician may also recommend additional stations be installed in strategic areas around the property. The baiting and monitoring system is designed to eliminate and protect your home from active termites. The bait we use has been scientifically proven to eliminate a colony of termites, they take it back down to the nest and eliminate the colony.

With a $100,000 warranty on your home, if you prefer a more eco-friendly approach to termite protection, the baiting and monitoring system is completely safe with pets and children and maintains a healthy environment.


How Termite Baiting & Monitoring System Works to Protect Your Home from Termites.

1. Outdoor Bait Stations.

First we install the Exterra in-ground stations around your house, our experts select locations that termites are most likely to be searching for food. The Bait Stations contain wood that has been specifically selected as the favourite choice of termites on the Gold Coast.

2. Inspections.

Our trained team will come out to inspect the bait stations at a time that is convenient to you, the bait stations are designed in such a way that they be inspected for termite active without disturbing the termites, this is vital to the longevity of the Exterra system and allows us to add our Requiem bait to the stations without disturbing the termites.

3. Requiem to the Rescue.

The Requiem termite bait is added without disturbing any termites in the station. Recent studies have shown that termites prefer the bait more than the timber and once placed in the bait station this becomes the termites primary food source, bringing it back to the termites nest to eliminate the entire colony.

4. The Colony’s Demise.

Once the Requiem bait gets back to the colony, it is designed to act at the optimum rate so as to not alarm the termites and turn them off the bait stations as a food source, but to eliminate the colony in its entirety before it gets to your home.

We guarantee you total termite elimination.

Complete Termite Solutions & Pest Control. We’re the Best in the pest!

Complete Termite Solutions are the best in the pest.

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Complete Termite Solutions are the best in the pest. Safe for you, your, pets and the environment.
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Complete Termite Solutions are the best in the pest. Licensed Building and Pest Technicians.
Complete Termite Solutions are the best in the pest. $2 Million warranty on your home.
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Termite Map Australia.

Complete Termite Solutions will detect termites and eliminate the termite colony without the use of any dangerous chemicals.

Our unique baiting stations eliminate entire colonies fast, safely and are environmentally friendly.

We install termite baiting stations in and around your home and add the termites preferred food source.

When termites are detected we bait the termites without disturbing them. The termites feed on the bait and take it back to the colony ensuring the entire colony is eliminated.

Did you know 80% of yards in south-east Queensland are known to contain active termites!

There is no need to call anyone after we leave, once the termite treatment has finished, we are available to fix any damage that has been caused by the termites.

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