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“Termites can do a $1000.00 per week damage to your home in peak times” and as even the best house insurance policy does not cover for termite damage, a Termite Pest Inspection is the most effective way to know if termites are attacking your home.

The sub-tropical climate on the Gold Coast makes it one of the most active Termite hot spots in Australia. It is estimated that a whopping 80% of homes in South East Queensland have termites, IS YOURS ONE OF THEM?

With a large majority of homes at risk of attack, regular Termite Pest Inspections are crucial to avoid spending $$$$ in repairs.

At CTS Termite & Pest Control we have carried out thousands of Inspections and eradicated and protected thousands of homes on the Gold Coast. Our Termite Pest Inspections include; a thorough internal and external investigation of your complete home including the roof void, subfloor if you have one plus gardens, fence line and any other structures on the property.

If our technician finds any active termites he will discuss treatment options and their costs, he is also able to treat the termites while he’s there. We have tried to make our reports as easy to read as possible, they contain photos, you can also give us a call anytime to discuss things further.

Termite Pest Inspections are by far the most important part of safeguarding the longevity of your home. The only way to ensure that you are not affected is to get your house and property inspected regularly by CTS Termite & Pest Control. We advise on the best course of action if termites are found, and if there is termite damage, we are licensed builders as well!

All our Inspectors are licensed and fully insured, they are equipped with all the tools they need to carry out a thorough Inspection and make sure that every inch of your property is checked for termites.

Some of the Things we look for During a Pest Inspection.

  • Evidence of Swarmers (Alates)
  • Mud Tubes/Termite Leads
  • Construction Joint Mudding/Disruption
  • Termite Friendly Environments eg tree stumps, stacked wood, vegetation
  • Wood damage both structural and cosmetic ie skirtings, doors and window frames
  • Discolouration to walls
  • Paint abnormalities
  • High Moisture readings
  • Leaking pipes from air-conditioning units & hot water systems
  • Leaks in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry
  • Termites can also give off a smell

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Conducive Conditions for Termites

Leaking pipes from air conditioning and hot water systems.

High moisture levels can indicate the presence of active termites.

Softness, discolouration or uneven surfaces can indicate presence of active termites.

Water tanks create concealed entry points.

Water leaks create an area highly conducive to termites.

Vegetation to the side of the dwelling creates an area high conducive to termites.

The dark corners under your floor create ideal conditions for termites nest.

Termites are attracted to areas of mixed timber.

We guarantee you total termite elimination.

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Termite Map Australia.

Complete Termite Solutions will detect termites and eliminate the termite colony without the use of any dangerous chemicals.

Our unique baiting stations eliminate entire colonies fast, safely and are environmentally friendly.

We install termite baiting stations in and around your home and add the termites preferred food source.

When termites are detected we bait the termites without disturbing them. The termites feed on the bait and take it back to the colony ensuring the entire colony is eliminated.

Did you know 80% of yards in south-east Queensland are known to contain active termites!

There is no need to call anyone after we leave, once the termite treatment has finished, we are available to fix any damage that has been caused by the termites.

Don’t delay, book your inspection today!

Purchasing a property? Ensure your total peace of mind with a comprehensive building and pest inspection. Conducted by fully licensed building and pest inspectors with 22 years experience, you’ll receive your report within 24 hours.

Includes free cost analysis of any defective items and maintenance report timeline.