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Complete Termite Solutions are the leaders in termite protection, rated No. 1 on the Gold Coast.

Termite inspections are the best way to know if termites are attacking your home. South East Queensland is one of the most active Termite Hot spots in Australia. With a large majority of houses at risk of attack regular termite inspections are of the utmost importance.  At Complete Termite Solutions we have done 1000s of inspections and installs in South East Queensland Homes and Are Experts in Termite Inspections Leaving no stone unturned.
“Termites can do a $1000.00 per week damage to your home in peak times”

Pest Inspection Gold Coast. Complete Complete Termite Solutions.Termite inspections are by far the most important part of insuring the longevity of your home. It is estimated that a whopping 80% of all homes in South East Queensland have termites in their yard, IS YOURS ONE OF THEM?  The only way to insure that you are not affected is to get your house and property inspected regularly by Complete Termite Solutions, and for peace of mind we offer $2 Million termite damage warranty on properties we inspect.

Gold Coast Pest Inspection

Most homeowners don’t realise that their home insurance policy does not cover termite damage, in fact a vast majority of insurance policies don’t.  Most home owners only find this information out when they go to make a claim and get rejected, by then it’s too late and the result is that you have 1000s to spend on your home. We find just from our own experience that when people first discover termites the damage starts at $10,000.

We at Complete Termite Solutions recommend a licensed competent pest inspector completes a termite inspection at least once per year and in high risk areas such as South East Queensland more frequent inspections are the only way to keep your house termite free and insure the longevity of the structure.

Unlike our competitors the team at Complete Termite Solutions are local South East Queensland termite inspection specialists and as such our inspections are designed to target the destructive critters anywhere at anytime.

Our inspections are thorough and makes sure that every inch of your property is checked for termites.  We advise on the best course of action if termites are found, and if there is termite damage, we are licensed builders as well!

Some of the Things we look for During a Termite Inspection.

  • Evidence of Swarmers.
  • Mud Tubes.
  • Construction Joint Mudding / Disruption.
  • Termite Friendly Environments (Tree Stumps, Stacked Wood etc.)
  • Wood Damage.
  • Many other Signs of Termites.

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We guarantee you total termite elimination.

Complete Termite Solutions & Pest Control. We’re the Best in the pest!

Complete Termite Solutions are the best in the pest.

100% Termite Elimination Guarantee.

Complete Termite Solutions are the best in the pest. Safe for you, your, pets and the environment.
Complete Termite Solutions are the best in the pest. Licensed Building and Pest Inspector.
Complete Termite Solutions are the best in the pest. Licensed Building and Pest Technicians.
Complete Termite Solutions are the best in the pest. $2 Million warranty on your home.
Complete Termite Solutions are the best in the pest. Written guarantee on structural work.
Complete Termite Solutions are the best in the pest. Locally owned and operated.
Complete Termite Solutions are the best in the pest. No call out fee.

Termite Map Australia.

Complete Termite Solutions will detect termites and eliminate the termite colony without the use of any dangerous chemicals.

Our unique baiting stations eliminate entire colonies fast, safely and are environmentally friendly.

We install termite baiting stations in and around your home and add the termites preferred food source.

When termites are detected we bait the termites without disturbing them. The termites feed on the bait and take it back to the colony ensuring the entire colony is eliminated.

Did you know 80% of yards in south-east Queensland are known to contain active termites!

There is no need to call anyone after we leave, once the termite treatment has finished, we are available to fix any damage that has been caused by the termites.

Don’t delay, book your inspection today!

Purchasing a property? Ensure your total peace of mind with a comprehensive building and pest inspection. Conducted by fully licensed building and pest inspectors with 22 years experience, you’ll receive your report within 24 hours.

Includes free cost analysis of any defective items and maintenance report timeline.