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Our treatment methods are more effective, internally targeting the actual source of the problem where the pests breed and hide, rather than a surface treatment which simply acts as a barrier.

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Tugun's Best Value Pest Control

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When it comes to eradicating pests CTS Termite & Pest control are experts. Due to the predominantly hot, wet weather in Tugun and on the Gold Coast, pest infestations are common and need a targeted approach to ensure complete elimination.


A general pest control treatment is ants, cockroaches, silverfish and spiders and comes with a 6 month service warranty. For a comprehensive treatment we’re onsite for about an 1 hour depending on the size of your home and treat the following areas:


  • Dusting into weep holes to penetrate the wall cavity areas
  • Dusting the complete roof void
  • Dusting interior entry points for maximum results as well as spraying where required
  • Baiting all cockroach hotspots
  • Chemical spray to complete exterior walls
plus 1 meter away from the external wall of the dwelling


A thorough internal and external pest control is the only way to tackle household pests and avoid the frustration of ineffective treatments which comes with budget options.


Conscious of your family and customers health and safety, CTS Termite & Pest Control uses environmentally friendly products as much as possible; fortunately pest control products are not what they used to be and are specifically targeted to general pests. There is no need to leave your home for a day or rehome your pets while our technicians are on site. Businesses also need not worry, as our technicians can be onsite in and around trading hours.


As much a possible we use a natural powder herbicide derived from flowers combined with the best equipment ensuring an even distribution of dust getting to EVERY possible dark nesting corner.  We can eliminate 80% of pests just by dusting the roof void and external weep holes alone. By doing it this way the dust penetrates deep into the wall cavity so there is no place for pests to hide. Often we find cockroaches crawling out of the weep holes soon after our treatment.


With it surrounding bushland, Tugun is a hot spot for termites and we highly recommend investing in a thorough internal and external termite inspection at a discounted rate while our technicians are on site carrying out your general pest control.  To arrange an inspection or treatment please contact our friendly staff on 1300 664 971 or 5559 2936 Monday to Friday.