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Our treatment methods are more effective, internally targeting the actual source of the problem where the pests breed and hide, rather than a surface treatment which simply acts as a barrier.

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Miami's Best Value Pest Control

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General pests, termites and rodents cause health problems, extensive damage to your home and loss of income for your business.


CTS pest management professionals have targeted solutions, backed by local knowledge to tackle a wide range of pests like ants, cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, rodents, wasps, possums and termites. Offering highly competitive prices, our pest control services are conducted by licensed, qualified and well-trained technicians to ensure a 100% satisfaction rate among customers.


As a suburb of the Gold Coast, Miami’s sub-tropical climate brings on high summer humidity and tropical storms, making it a haven for pests. We thoroughly inspect every site and use a combination of gels, foams, a plant based dust as well as a chemical spray to eradicate pest problems by treating the following areas; ceilings, wall cavities, internal areas where pests enter or next like the kitchen laundry, bathrooms, cavity sliders etc. We also treat the complete exterior wall as well as 1m away from the dwelling.


All our treatments and services are compliant with the Australian Standard and carried out according to label specifications. Our team of experts always take a tailored approach to your pest problem and value your specific concerns. CTS takes a proactive approach to flagging risks and offering integrated pest control solutions to protect your home and family or your business!


With 10,000 building and pest inspections to our name and 50 years combined experience in the industry CTS Termite & Pest Control is a one stop shop for all your pest control requirements. You can call us 1300 664 971 Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm or fill out our online form for an obligation free quote.