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Our treatment methods are more effective, internally targeting the actual source of the problem where the pests breed and hide, rather than a surface treatment which simply acts as a barrier.

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Labrador's Best Value Pest Control

1300 664 971

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CTS Termite & Pest Control is a pro when it comes to getting rid of a range of pests in residential and commercial properties. Our motto ‘One Call Solves All’ is behind every service and treatment we provide. Let us work with you to make your greatest assets safe from uninvited guests.


Our dedicated team of trusted pest control technicians use treatments and techniques that include environmentally friendly products. CTS stands apart from the competition because all our treatments are designed to target the specific pest problem, we don’t just do a blanket spray and expect results.


Our general pest control is for the treatment of ants, cockroaches, silverfish and spiders. And while a pest infestation may require more than one treatment, our technicians will be able to assess this on site and run through options tailor a package to suit. All our treatments are top shelf and come with a 6 month service warranty.


Labrador is a hot spot for termites so we highly recommend taking advantage of our discounted rate on a termite inspection plus general pest control to ensure there are no active termites in your property. Termites are master hiders and cause more damage per year than all natural disasters put together. To make mattes worse insurance companies do not cover for the damage they cause.


For our Labrador residents we recommend a general pest control treatment be carried out annually, more frequently for restaurant owners as pests flourish in the hot, wet weather. We specialise in the elimination of; rats, silverfish, ants, mice, flies, wasps, cockroaches, spiders and termites.


To schedule and appointment,  leave general feedback or following up on a service please contact us Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm.  You can also use our online form for a no-obligation free quote. Rest assured that CTS will get the job done in a safe, affordable and effective manner.