Mosquitos and Midges

Mosquitos spread diseases like Malaria, Ross River Fever, Dengue Fever and Yellow Fever, this makes them the most dangerous creature on Earth. Zika Virus is also transmitted to humans by Mosquitos. For most of us they are just a relentless pain, mozzie coils, citronella sticks and inspect repellent work ok so long as you don’t mind the smoke and pungent odour with your BBQ sausages!

The hot, wet weather on the Gold Coast creates the perfect breeding ground for Mosquitos and midges. They are incredibly adaptable creatures and thrive in any watery environment from canals and swamps right through to our own back gardens in low lying areas, pot plant saucers, bird baths, rain water tanks and roof gutters.

Female mosquitos require a protein meal of blood before producing eggs, which are usually laid on the surface of water, they go through several stages of development which is completed within a week, longer depending on the weather. Adult males are short lived where as females live for several weeks and are the blood suckers of the species, the males feed mostly off plant secretions.

Treatment of Mosquitos and Midges

On top of a normal pest treatment we offer a misting treatment for mozzies and midges. We extensively mist all problematic areas to your home and surrounding areas including;

  • Grass
  • Vegetation
  • Complete exterior of your home including under eves, decks and patios
  • Wet or low lying areas for breeding.

We cannot protect against mosquitos and midges flying into your garden however our misting treatment targets the areas they land and rest coming into contact with the chemical, getting to them before the get you! The extensive misting CTS Termite and Pest do to your home creates an interception zone to deter flying mozzies invading your sacred territory.

Get your family and social life back on track by calling CTS Termite and Pest for a treatment today!

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