How to avoid $15,000 in Termite Damage

8 weeks after an annual termite inspection was carried out by another pest control company, CTS Termite and Pest Control received a call to investigate active termites inside a home. 

8 weeks after an annual termite inspection was carried out by another pest control company, CTS Termite and Pest Control received a call to investigate active termites inside a home.

"How were the termites missed the investor/homeowner asked?". As CTS did not do the initial termite inspection it was a difficult question to answer. Normally high moisture levels will be detected where there are active termites. Also, there was evidence of extensive damage to the property - $15,000 in total! The short answer is that it would have been impossible to miss in areas.

Devastated and massively out of pocket, the homeowner engaged CTS to install a termite barrier around the property as it was the only option to ensure the termites did not come back and cause further damage. It was discovered that during the construction phase of the dwelling, the termite mesh which had been installed as part of QBCC and Australian Standard requirements, had been pierced creating an entry point for the termites. It is a common misconception that the required mesh installed under a newly built dwelling protects the property from termites. However, it will not protect against accidents like this happening and with an expired builder's warranty, there is no recourse for the owner. In addition, termites nest in other areas of the garden and can travel up to 50m to and from the colony in search of a food source which could be your home.

1 in 3 homes on the Gold Coast have active termites on the property, without a protective barrier in place around the dwelling there is no guarantee that the home will not be attacked by termites. To avoid costly repairs CTS Termite & Pest Control highly recommend installing a barrier to protect your greatest investment against becoming an expensive nightmare.

For a thorough internal and external termite inspection by one of CTS's diligent expert Inspectors as well as an obligation free quote call us on
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