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Yatala is considered to be located on the northern outskirts of the City of Gold Coast. It boarders suburbs such as Beenleigh, Windaroo, and Stapylton. By the side of the Albert River, Yatala is positioned about 39 kilometres south of Brisbane.

The origins of the name Yatala are derived from a South Australian who bought a parcel of land by the Albert River, named the area after Yatala Harbor near Port Augusta, South Australia. The word itself is presumed to have originated from the Kaurna Aboriginal word of 'yetalla,' meaning water running by the side of a river.

Yatala has experienced incredible growth in recent years, predominantly from the influx of business and commerce to the area. It is therefore of no surprise that the suburb is comprised of mostly business lots, industrial yards and commercial spaces. Positioned ideally in between Brisbane, Logan City and Gold Coast City, Yatala has become the preferred choice for many logistical businesses, depots and warehouses.

As far as the landscape goes, Yatala is mostly flat with pocketed sections of farm, park and open field. In recent years, however, one will notice much of the land start take the form of busy industrial roads and highways off the hustle and bustle of the Pacific Motorway.

Yatala is home to the iconic Yatala Pie Shop - a stalwart in the Queensland hospitality landscape. The Pie Shop is visited by thousands of travellers yearly, a well revered business.

Yatala Termite Treatment History

Street Job Type Year Treated
Enkleman Road Active termites 2018
Enkleman Rd, Yatala, Queensland, Australia Repair Termite Damage 2015
Sears Rd Installation of Termatrax system 2015
Sears Rd Termite Inspection Quote 2015
Enkleman Rd, Yatala, Queensland, Australia Termite Damage Repair 2015
Termites in Yatala

Termites in Yatala

Yatala Termites Inspection Data

Metric Rating (1 Low - 10 High)
Forestry index 6 - Scattered bush, park and forestry
Water index 6 - Pockets of water sources North west
Paperbarks index 7
Gumtrees index 8
Density 3
Developed 2000-2012

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