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Our technicians are available nearby for Springbrook termite inspections. For all termite related services including termites treatments Springbrook you will find our reviews confirm our quality work. For all things termite related including termite barriers in Springbrook please give us a call.

Springbrook is a mountain and plateau area situated within the Springbrook National Park.  Atop an ancient volcano with views that seem to endlessly stretch out, thousands of visitors from both local and international regions frequent that beautiful picturesque surroundings that form Springbrook.

In this ancient land forms waterfalls, lush green forestry, and well preserved landscapes thanks to local government initiatives that help keep the area tidy. Some of Australia's oldest trees can be found in this region.

Springbrook is positioned beside Austinville Coservation Area, Austinville, Natural Bridge and Numinbah. Lake Nerang Dam is also a popular hotspot that attracts many visitors on yearly basis.

Springbrook Park forms part of Gondwana Rainforest - hosting many a koala, rare birds and plethora of other wildlife. Visitors to Springbrook are encouraged to allow for extra time to visit its many popular spots, as hiking is generally the best means of roaming the areas. Canyon Lookout also allows for beautiful views from any time of the day, a popular choice for many families for picnics and lunches.

Springbrook Termite Treatment History

Street Job Type Year Treated
Springbrook Road Active termites 2018
Lyrebird Ridge Road Termite Baiting and Monitoring 2018
Springbrook Road Active termites 2018
Pine Creek Road Termite Damage Repair Quote 2016
Pine Creek Road Termite Baiting and Monitoring 2016
Pine Creek Road Termite Inspection 2016
Termites in Springbrook

Termites in Springbrook

Springbrook Termites Inspection Data

Metric Rating (1 Low - 10 High)
Forestry index 9 - Dense and deep forestry
Water index 6 - Streams and waterways evident
Paperbarks index 9
Gumtrees index 9
Density 1
Developed 1991-2001

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