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Termites Lower Beechmont, Gold Coast

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Lower Beechmont is a small outer locality in the Gold Coast hinterland, particularly in the south eastern part of Queensland.

Running through the entire Lower Beechmont is Beechmont Road, giving the citizens of Lower Beechmont a spinal cord-like access to the rest of the locality. Getting to the syd Duncan Park is just a short drive away no matter where you are in Lower Beechmont if you take the Beechmont Road. Public transport, however, is still on the works with roads being renovated and transport systems are yet to take place.

The relatively small size of the locality almost automatically translates to traffic that's anything but thick and crowded. The community spirit in Lower Beechmont is unique in a way that everyone has a sense of individualism, respecting each other's space by giving each other some peace and quiet.

People who are into gardening is sure to find a great patch of land to work on in Lower Beechmont. The quality of the soil is very ideal for growing, even the ones obsessed with having a great lawn would really have a great time in Lower Beechmont. Be watchful for tree stomps though; they may look like nature's table, but they can be a bunker for termites that would eventually make their way into your Lower Beechmont home.

For termite control in Lower Beechmont, call on Complete Termite Solutions. They also offer other pest management services that would definitely help maintain the integrity and the safety of your living conditions in Lower Beechmont home.

Lower Beechmont Termite Treatment History

Street Job Type Year Treated
North Road Termite Inspection 2016
Termites in Lower Beechmont

Termites in Lower Beechmont

Lower Beechmont Termites Inspection Data

Metric Rating (1 Low - 10 High)
Forestry index 8 - Dense park and forestry
Water index 8 - Inlet and coastline
Paperbarks index 8
Gumtrees index 8
Density 6
Developed 2006-2011

Lower Beechmont's Best Value Termite Inspections

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