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Termites Carrara, Gold Coast

Termite inspections in Carrara are our speciality. For all termite related services including termites treatments Carrara you will find our reviews confirm our quality work. As well as inspections and treatments, we do termite barriers too. For more information get in contact

Carrara is home to more than 12,000 people and is located on the southern bank of the Nerang River. This suburb is home to the Metricon Stadium (or sometimes called the Carrara Stadium) where cricket and Australian rules football games happen. since 2011, the Gold Coast Suns and the Carrara Markets started playing matches in the stadium.

Not to be confused with the locality of Karara, Carrara was the name first used by the Manchester Cotton Company, a cotton plantation that was established in the 1860's. Both the locality and this lovely suburb share the same name origin; the Aboriginal word that means 'long flat'.

Carrara is still home to its original citizens the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, but they only take up 1.6% of the suburb's population.

The P-12, independent, co-educational, multi-denominational Christian school Emmanuel College can also be found in Carrara.

Carrara is also the place where one of the founding fathers of stategy war games for the PC, Gary Grigsby and his father Ronald who fought in the Second World War at Dunkirk resided, particularly in he esteemed Grigsby Manor.

The renowned estate of the Grigsbies is sure to keep its famous features and strength due to the fact that it goes through regular termite inspection and pest control services. But great home treatment aren't reserved to famous houses, Complete Termite Solutions offers pest management and termite control services to make sure your home in Carrara is free from termites and other pests that wage war on the integrity of your home.

Carrara Termite Treatment History

Street Job Type Year Treated
Marble Drive Termite Baiting and Monitoring 2018
Cambridge Court Termite Inspection 2018
Garden Grove Termite Baiting and Monitoring 2018
Madigan Road Termite Baiting and Monitoring 2018
Mercator Court Termite Baiting and Monitoring 2018
Jerrob Court Termite Baiting and Monitoring 2018
Madigan Road 1st Termite Baiting and Monitoring 2018
Alison Road Termite Inspection 2018
Madigan Road Full Termatrix installation 2018
Pleasant Court Termite Baiting and Monitoring 2018
Termites in Carrara

Termites in Carrara

Carrara Termites Inspection Data

Metric Rating (1 Low - 10 High)
Forestry index 6 - Parklands scattered throughout
Water index 7 - Nearby canals and ponds
Paperbarks index 7
Gumtrees index 8
Density 7
Developed 2004-2014

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