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Broadbeach Waters is located near the Nerang River, its northern boundary actually follows the river. It is a suburb in the City of Gold Coast that is composed of mostly residential properties with most of them adjaced to its man-made canals.

In their free time, some of the people living in Broadbeach Waters heads over to the southeastern corner of the suburb, particularly in the Pacific Fair Shopping Centre.

The citizens of Broadbeach Waters know how soothing and very accessible it is to drive over to Broadbeach for some waves and to experience that unique Broadbeach sea breeze.

Living in Broadbeach Waters is a bit more relaxing compared to other suburbs in Gold Coast, apart from the kilometres of intricately man-made canals, Broadbeach Waters also has bike paths for people wanting to go around the suburb in a more cardio and eco-friendly way. To those who like to take it slow, the suburb has scenic walks good for contemplating, relaxing, and mobile meditation (which is apparently a thing now).

Many tourists miss the sights and experiences in Broadbeach Waters easily because of the beauty in Broadbeach. Only the true traveler by heart can discern through the journey and explore through the diverse restaurants peppered around the suburb, the canal system that is worth visiting again, and the gem that is the Cascade Gardens. The attractions in Cascade Gardens are known by how often people go there to make unforgettable memories. A serene rainforest walk can make one feel as if they are in a different world and their problems were gone for the meantime. Visitors can also witness the collection of water birds that is uniquely Gold Coast in the water bird sanctuary. For a more immersive experience you can go to their waterfalls, and the tranquil creek to get some peace and the calming sound of running water.

Experience the calm waters of Broadbeach Waters even better by taking a kayak or a paddle board. The homes built along the canals only add up to the already noteworthy sights in Broadbeach Waters that is filled with birds. Witness the beauty of this humble suburb along with its locals who adore their living situations and celebbrate with a picnic on a warm afternoon.

As beautiful as those houses are by the canals, they're still susceptible to pest problems like mice, ants, termites, and many more. Thankfully Complete Termite Solutions can service the beautiful Broadbeach Waters and help it keep its pristine and optimum housing quality.

It's foolish to plan a one-day trip into such a livable suburb. A true wanderer would consider swinging by Lake Intrepid or the Sunshine Boulevard before taking another long trip to another wonderful Gold Coast landmark.

Broadbeach Waters Termite Treatment History

Street Job Type Year Treated
Ipsley Drive Termite Baiting and Monitoring 2018
Darnay Road Termite Damage Repair 2018
Ipsley Drive 1st Termite Baiting and Monitoring 2018
Hooker Boulevard Termite Baiting and Monitoring 2018
Park Avenue Termite Baiting and Monitoring 2018
Darnay Road Termite Baiting and Monitoring 2018
T E Peters Drive Termite Inspection 2018
T E Peters Drive Repair Termite Damage 2018
Kalimna Dr Extera Full renewal 2017
Park Avenue Extera Full renewal 2017
Termites in Broadbeach Waters

Termites in Broadbeach Waters

Broadbeach Waters Termites Inspection Data

Metric Rating (1 Low - 10 High)
Forestry index 2 - Minimal greenery
Water index 9 - Many canals
Paperbarks index 3
Gumtrees index 4
Density 8
Developed 1992-2006

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