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Bonogin is a locality located right at the edge of the Gold Coast hinterland which is about 81 kilometres away from Brisbane.

The origin of the name Bonogin is unknown, but locals speculate that the name seems like it came from the Aboriginal word Boonoo that means red bloodwood.

The earliest industries in Bonogin started in the 1870's European settlement. The fair amount of large trees in Bonogin attracted timber cutters in the area. Dairy and banana farms were established in the locality not shortly after.

A school was approved to be built in Bonogin back in 1913, construction started and the school opened, but before they close out a decade from its approval, the school closed down in 1924 only to be relocated in Wanburra in 1934.

The Gold Coast City Council has a mobile library that visits localities like Bonogin. The mobile library visits Davenport Park in Bonogin Road East fortnightly. This is a chance for the children of Bonogin to have a literary exploration about the history of their own locality, the City of Gold Coast and their natural assets like the Bonogin Creek.

The Bonogin Creek is part of a project by the City of Gold Coast that seeks to conserve local plant species and attempt to restore natural habitat of the creek called the Beaches to Bushland Volunteer Landcare Program. This program is dedicated to protect, restore, and enhance natural areas in the City of Gold Coast including the Bonogin Creek. The program provides a platform for Bonogin's local commmunity to have a solid connection with their natural environment and encourage a more active involvement in the community, as well as a strong sense of ownership of Bonogin's natural assets.

Volunteers in the community conduct tree planting activities, they also meet together in Bushcare and Landcare group meetings where they talk about their next renegeration activities like weed control and native plant propagation activities.

Bonogin encourages every citizen to be fond of the outdoors and be part of a community that promotes care for the natural environment. Each year, about 40,000 native trees are planted on over 60 hectares throughout the City of Gold Coast thanks to the efforts of the volunteers.

The council in the City of Gold Coast supports organisations like these in Bonogin by providing materials, tools, herbicide, safety equipment, and their council approval. Organisations are also connected with skilled Ecological restoration staff to coordinate volunteers and educate them with proper ways of taking care of their natural environment.

Activities in these organisations in Bonogin are also encouraged to be more vigilant in the pest activity happening in their residential communities. While preservation of wildlife and local plant species are the main concerns of these organisations, they also promote safe living conditions. Citizens are encouraged to connect with pest management companies to make sure termite and other pest problems are well-managed in the locality.

Bonogin Termite Treatment History

Street Job Type Year Treated
Canopy Drive 1st Termite Baiting and Monitoring 2018
Canopy Drive Termite Baiting and Monitoring 2018
Glenmore Drive Termite Baiting and Monitoring 2018
Forest Ridge Drive Termite Baiting and Monitoring 2018
Canopy Drive Full Termatrix installation 2018
Parkmeadows Court Termite Baiting and Monitoring 2018
Pebble Creek Road Termite Baiting and Monitoring 2018
Camp Drive Active Termites 2018
Caprice Street Full Termatrix installation 2018
Caprice Street Termite Inspection 2018
Termites in Bonogin

Termites in Bonogin

Bonogin Termites Inspection Data

Metric Rating (1 Low - 10 High)
Forestry index 9 - Heavy parkland and conservation areas
Water index 3 - Creeks and streams
Paperbarks index 9
Gumtrees index 9
Density 4
Developed 1975-1985

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