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Biggera Waters is a suburb located in the western side of The Broadwater and is north of the suburb of Labrador in the City of Gold Coast.

Biggera Creek flows through the suburb, and it's where the suburb got its name. The creek flows past a point known to its locals as "Land's End", it's that point where the mouth of the creek enters the Broadwater.

The word Bigera comes from the Yugambeh language, an indigenous dialect in the area. F.J. Watson wrote an article for the Royal Geographical Society of Australia offering a translation to the word Bigera. Watson claims that the meaning of the word Bigera comes from the red iron bark tree.

Biggera waters was first settled by people who earned their living from fishing or through agricultural endeavours. In fact, John siganto, a man known locally as a man that belongs in an agricultural family, built his residence named Finis (latin for "The End") right at Land's End.

The Biggera Waters State School opened in January 1970, but the school reserve was created for that very project in 1889.

In 1937, 36 acres of scrub land in the northern part of Biggera Creek was reserved for the construction of an aerodome. The proposed building of the aerodome had the citizens going because of its suitability to land and sea planes which used the Broadwater, but the development of the site was stopped due to the second World War. After the war, continuing to build the aerodome was put into consideration, but it was deemed unsuitable and discussions were opened for other building options for the land.

There was a period of growth in Biggera Waters in the 1950's and it was brought to the suburb by the real estate market—in 1953 about 18 acres of aerodome property, the are around the Ocean, Broadwater, and Stradbroke Streets was sold for development. In 1954, Angler's Paradise was established after a man named Mr. Oates developed the northern part of Biggera Creek.

A more massive residential development didn't happen in the suburb until 1960, when a bridge was built across the mouth of the Biggera Creek and Land's End. Before that, there had been a crossing over the Biggera Creek in the vicinity of Hollywell Road beside the school reserve, but the bridge that opened up in 1960 made a greater impact in real estate development for most of Biggera Waters including its northern parts.

The people living in Biggera Waters used to enjoy a drive-in theatre in Southport, that site is now the location of The Harbour Town factory outlet mall.

The development of suburbs like Biggera Waters has its ups and downs, its constructions, and its deconstructions. Some buildings last, some don't. To the few that do last, they must be complete with all the anti-termite and anti-pest solutions that would definitely help place the lasting touch in their buildings.

Biggera Waters Termite Treatment History

Street Job Type Year Treated
Brighton Street Repair Termite Damage 2018
Clark Street Bait on Active Termites 2017
Clark Street Termite Damage Repair Quote 2017
Brighton Street Termite Inspection 2017
Clark Street Repair Termite Damage 2017
Silver Shore Appartments Termite Damage Repair Quote 2015
Termites in Biggera Waters

Termites in Biggera Waters

Biggera Waters Termites Inspection Data

Metric Rating (1 Low - 10 High)
Forestry index 3 - Some parkland
Water index 8 - Canals and Shoreline
Paperbarks index 3
Gumtrees index 2
Density 8
Developed 2000-2010

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