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We have performed termite inspections in Austinville for many years. We work hard as confirmed by our client reviews when it comes to termite treatments in Austinville. For all things termite related including termite barriers in Austinville please give us a call.

Austinville is a hinterland locality with a small population in Gold Coast. Situated between Mudgeeraba and Springbrook, Austinville only covers around 20 square kilometres.
This locality is a valley and through Austinville flows Mudgeeraba Creek and the rugged Nimmel Range overlooks from a distance. Austinville is peppered with significant rainforests, the ones in the southerpart of the locality are protected within the Springbrook National Park.
After the historic Great Depression, the 1930's was a time for Australia to come up with schemes and devise solutions to ameliorate the unemployment problem in the country, particularly in Brisbane.
Because of this problem, the Queensland Government established Austinville in 1934 in hopes of giving the unemployed population of Brisbane a fresh start and some resettlement. The suburb of Austinville was named after the Under Secretary of the Department of Labour and Industry, the late W.H. Austin. Under Secretary Austin was the one who started various Banana Settlement schemes  in Queensland which gave a significant amount of jobs for the people of Queensland. After his untimely death on May 1934, the new settlement was named after Mr Austin the week after his demise.
Not long after the scheme has been established, more than 300 applications were recieved. Since then about forty men left Brisbane to create the access roads that would clear the way and subdivide the lands into blocks for the Banana plantation. Some blocks were even dedicated to planting other crops like the lucrative tobacco and the ever-essential cotton.
The men worked four days a week, the projects they ended up building included a school and approximately 50 small homes beside a gravel track into the Austinville Valley. The homes built enjoyed easy access to the Mudgeeraba Creek. The western community of the settlement was bordered by the extremely rugged terrain of the Nimmel Range. A terrain thickly blessed with heavy timber and vie scrub, the Nimmel Range is known to be unexplorable to its early citizens. The people who once left Brisbane to work on a scheme in Austinville ended up dedicating 200 acres of land to growing bananas as of October 1934.
Families that were working on the scheme received weekly ration allowance from the government. Despite the progress made in Austinville, the 200-people settlement simply didn't have enough resources to move forward. Apart from that, the surrounding State Forest continue to dwarf every industry that looks to flourish in the locality.
By 1939, when the effects of the Depression dialled down, other areas in Gold Coast showed more promise as industries began rising from the ashes of the recent Depression. This resulted to most of the families leaving Austinville. The Austinville of today still shows some inspiration from the original settlement with a few Avocado and dairy farms still operating in the valley. Some homes are still surviving in the small locality. Not a lot of homes can survive the times, not when pests like termites come along and eat through the strong timber work making it nimble, hollow, and simply uninhabitable.
Complete Termite Solutions know a thing or two about keeping Austinville homes termite free.

Austinville Termite Treatment History

Street Job Type Year Treated
Staghorn Dr Termite Inspection 2015
Termites in Austinville

Termites in Austinville

Austinville Termites Inspection Data

Metric Rating (1 Low - 10 High)
Forestry index 8 - Hinterland positioned
Water index 1 - Mostly forestry and parkland
Paperbarks index 9
Gumtrees index 8
Density 2
Developed 1950-1960

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