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Bird Proofing Your Home from Nesting Pigeons

Pigeons are the most common species of birds causing a problem to Gold Coast homes. By nesting under solar panel systems and in roof cavities they can protect themselves from the elements and also predators.

With a rapid breeding cycle, once pigeons are established, they can be extremely difficult to eradicate. Not a solitary bird, they live in large social groups of about 20 + and will live in one location for their entire life. They typically only have one partner and females can start producing from as early as 7 months of age and will lay around 2 eggs, 6 times per year - 6 months later those new pigeons are ready to breed.

Pigeons are highly dependent on humans to provide them with food scraps and once they have found their perfect nesting place they can not only be excessively noisy but they can cause damage to your property and spread disease by bringing with them a range of bacteria and parasites. Bird droppings carry disease such as Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, Psittacosis, Encephalitis, Aspergillosis and Toxoplasmosis. All these parasites and bacterial infections can have long term health effects or even cause hospitalisation to you or anyone who may come into contact with the bird droppings.

Other problems can be found with groups of birds gathering in the one location especially pigeons, is that it’s not uncommon to find infestations of bird lice, ticks and mites that can transition into the home. Bird nesting sites will also attract snakes and other vermin to your property.

In addition, the bird colony that has found a home under your solar panel system will reduce the efficiency of the solar panels by fouling on the surface of the panels and can even cause the solar panel system to fail all together voiding your manufacturer warranty.

A non-invasive flexible reinforced mesh will prevent pigeons from nesting under your solar panel system. Installed by our expert technician ensuring there is no damage to your solar panels which may effect the manufacture warranty all our installations are carried out to the Australia Standard AS/NZ 5033:2014.

Once on site our technicians would assess all areas, remove all fouling and debris to the affected area with and treat with an anti-bacterial cleaning agent prior to fixing the exclusion mesh.

Our installations come with a 5 year warranty and will have no effect on the functionality of your solar panels. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment onsite please contact us on 5559 2936.

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