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CTS Bird Proofing to New and Existing Commercial Structures

Commercial bird management is essential for every aspect of building maintenance. Left to roost and nest in or on your building, bird droppings carry multiple health risks as well as cause damage through staining and corroding building surfaces as well as machinery and vehicles. Even minor bird fouling with its acidic nature on steel, concrete or any type of surface will cause unsightly damage to the building.

The expense of costly clean up and rectification work as well as damage to floor stock from bird fouling can exceed tens of thousands of $$$ and put your business livelihood and reputation at stake. Their nesting materials and droppings block gutters and as they like to nest near air conditioning and ventilation systems increases the spread of disease.

Species such as pigeons, seagulls and myna birds droppings have be known to spread mites, parasites and harmful bacteria such as E’Coli and Salmonella which pose a serious health risk to yourself, staff and visitors. All parasites and bacterial infections found in bird droppings can have long-term health effects or even result in hospitalisation.

Unprotected buildings allow problem birds to find an easy opportunity to nest on, and inside buildings and as they can be very territorial, they become quite aggressive when protecting their young and will attack anyone entering their space.

Installing a bird management system will ensure your business is protected against the hazards associated with nesting birds. With extensive experience in identifying the system that will best suit your business needs, our technicians are experts in their field and we have a wide range of cost effective, discreet and humane control measures that won’t harm the birds or cause disruption to your business.

Our bird control and removal techniques include but are not limited to;

  • Exclusion barriers, physical mesh and netting - Physical mesh and net installations are a permanent and low maintenance bird exclusion method that will have immediate affect to all bird species without harm or distress.
  • Perching restrictions, spiking and wire - Spiking and wire installations can be a low-cost method to stop birds perching with minimal impact to the structure.
  • Inflight bird deterrents, optical and lasers - Inflight bird deterrents optical and lasers are utilised for large open space areas in-doors or outside as the inflight deterrent will reduce the opportunity for birds to fly through a particular area or space.

Our initial consultation with one of our onsite specialists will be to discuss your needs and assess the site, preventative measures can also be quoted based on plans for proposed structures. From there we will tailor a bird management proposal specific to your needs. All our installations are compliant with the Australia Standard and our fully accredited technicians are licenced to Work at Heights, hold White Cards and are experienced with elevated work planforms and knuckle booms.

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